Project - 08 Mar 2018

Lifting the Largest Airplanes in the World

AMS Aircraft Recovery Ltd is a specialist in airplane recovery lifting and towing operations. It offers a modular fuselage lifting system which is an innovative solution for lifting category 3 aircraft safely. This includes airplanes such as the Airbus A380 – the largest passenger airplane in the world – with a maximum take-off weight of 575 t. Green Pin® Shackles were selected to make sure that the fuselage lifting system complies with the highest standards. Eight 25 t Green Pin® Bow Shackles BN were used to attach each sling, four per side, to the modular spreader. Two 85 t Green Pin® Bow Shackles BN connect the spreader bar to a sling which can then be lashed up to the hook of the crane.

To deal with aircraft that have run off the runway, AMS Aircraft Recovery also has an Aircraft Towing system. This Aircraft Towing system can be used in areas where handling by a conventional tow tractor or aircraft recovery vehicle is not possible. The Load Indicating Devices that are part of the system have a capacity of 2.5 t to 200 t. Four 30 t Green Pin® Super Bow Shackles BN are used to connect the Load Indicating Devices to the Synthetic Round Slings. 

Green pin AMS RecoveryGreen pin AMS RecoveryGreen pin AMS Recovery


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