A defining feature of the construction industry is its extremely cyclical nature: business is either booming or experiencing a deep slump, with little in between. Whatever the economic conditions, however, running operations efficiently without delays is of paramount importance. Therefore – simply but crucially – one must be able to fully rely on the equipment.

Green Pin® shackles, turnbuckles and other rigging gear are guaranteed 100% failsafe. The production follows a rigorous process starting with the sourcing of high-grade materials from leading suppliers. These materials are forged into high-quality Green Pin® products through automated production processes. This significantly reduces the margins of error compared to other production methods and provides you with a safe and reliable product. On top of this, specific Green Pin® products contain many time-saving features.

Green Pin Super® Bow Shackles, for example, have a lower weight but the same Working Load Limit compared to the standard range of Green Pin® Shackles. This makes it much easier to carry and faster to assemble and disassemble for riggers. Another product to save time with is Green Pin Tycan® Chain; a fibre chain that is up to eight times lighter than steel chain yet just as strong. It is also much easier, quicker and safer to work with, reducing downtime even further.

Check out the complete Green Pin® product range to find more products to suit your needs here.

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