Onshore installation

The construction and installation of nuclear facilities, factories, refineries, wind farms and the like involve some of the most complex lifting and lashing operations in the world. The specialist crane companies carrying out such operations live by strict processes, continuous monitoring and predictable behaviour of crew and materials. Green Pin® offers a full range of below-the-hook lifting equipment – from sockets to shackles – that is renowned for its failsafe reliability.

Our heavy-lifting product range consists of shackles with a working load limit up to 1550 t and sockets with a minimum breaking load up to 1300 t. The Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle is the most advanced heavy-lifting shackle. It saves its users 20% on their wire rope costs and because of the handling points it makes installation of the shackle much quicker and infinitely safer.

The high value of loads such as boiler modules or rotor blades means damage is a genuine concern. Green Pin Tycan® Chain provides the answer. This high-performance, fibre chain is soft and up to eight times lighter than steel chain, yet just as strong. It minimizes the risk of damage to the load and injuries to rigging personnel. Green Pin Tycan® Chain’s light weight further means that operations can proceed much faster and with fewer personnel.

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