Safety is of paramount importance for all rigging activities in the mining industry, especially in the case of underground mining. Green Pin® shackles, turnbuckles and other rigging gear are guaranteed 100% failsafe: production follows a rigorous process starting with the sourcing of high-grade materials to the automated production processes. This significantly reduces the margins of error compared to other production methods and provides you with a safe and reliable product.

As mining operations continue 24/7, metal fatigue is a real concern. Guaranteeing their long-term durability, Green Pin® Bow and Dee Shackles, Polar Shackles and Turnbuckles are fatigue-tested up to 20.000 cycles with 1.5 times the Working Load Limit. On top of this, specific Green Pin® products have many safety features.

Green Pin Tycan® Chain is a fibre chain up to eight times lighter than steel chain yet just as strong. Enhancing the safety of riggers even further, Green Pin Tycan® chain is also soft to the touch and non-conductive. Strenuous work becomes lighter as a result and cuts and bruises are a thing of the past. Injuries, disabilities and even fatalities because of rigging accidents are reduced as a result. And next to safety, workplace productivity and cost-effectiveness are improved as well.

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