Green Pin® traces its origin back to 1922: in that year Dirk van Beest started to manufacture the shackles that would later be branded Green Pin®. He did so at the home of the Dutch dredging industry; Sliedrecht – close to the Port of Rotterdam. Dirk van Beest – a diligent, hardworking man –  was passionate in creating 100% failsafe products in combination with his full-service attitude. With his focus the company was able to grow quickly, in tandem with the international growth of the Dutch dredging and maritime industry.

Today, Green Pin® is still part of the family-owned Van Beest Group, which is still headquartered in Sliedrecht in The Netherlands and has branches in the United States (Houston and Chicago), France, Germany and Brazil. Through its parent company, Green Pin® is a member of various industry organizations such as LEEA and AWRF (see the complete overview here).

van beest fabriek 1947 green pin