Green Pin® seminars and webinars give you the chance to get the most out of Green Pin® products and instruct you how to operate them safely and properly. The trainings also provide you with insight about the engineering and production technology that goes into manufacturing them. All sessions are interactive: they allow you to ample opportunities to ask any questions you have, or put forward any challenges that you have faced in the past to the knowledgeable presenters. The schedule for the upcoming months is not available yet, please consult this page later.

Subject Date Time Language Sign up
Green Pin® Shackles unknown 9AM (CET) English Sign up
Green Pin® Shackles unkown 4PM (CET) English Sign up

Can’t wait? Please find more information about the Green Pin® webinars in the Green Pin® Academy brochure or go to our product pages to get more technical information about the Green Pin® products. If you would like to set up training for your department or company, please contact us directly.