Offshore transport & installation

Lifting and lashing operations in the offshore transport & installation business are challenging with harsh and dynamic environments, strict safety rules (imposed by operators and regulators.) and often challenging deadlines and budgets. Such challenges demand innovative solutions. To ensure success, lifting and lashing equipment must be 100% failsafe, with appropriate certifications and accurate data about material composition, mechanical properties, dimensions and tolerances. Green Pin® offers all of this through its wide assortment of lashing and lifting equipment.

Our products are available for lifting jobs of all load capacities (e.g. shackles up to 1550 tons) and can be supplied with Lloyd’s and DNV certificates. Essential during the design phase, Green Pin® supporting tools consist of product CAD drawings, detailed characteristics and swift support from our helpdesk. On top of providing quality products and service, Green Pin® offers an industry-leading stock availability of 99%. So whatever challenges a project throws at you, Green Pin® makes sure you can move forward.

For the offshore transport and installation industry, Green Pin® has developed the following specialized products:

  • Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle: perfect for heavy lifting jobs as it saves users 20% on wire rope costs whilst also having several new features to improve rigger safety.
  • Green Pin® Shackles with a fixed nut: keep the load secured even when it is dynamic or experiences extreme vibrations (e.g. if attached to a pile driver).
  • DNV-certified Green Pin Tycan® Chain made from Dyneema® fibre: up to eight times lighter than steel chain yet just as strong. Easy and safe to use, it greatly increases rigging speed and reduces injuries to crew and damage to cargo.
  • Green Pin® ROV Shackles: provide efficient solutions for subsea lifting operations with a remotely operated vehicle.
  • Green Pin® Polar Shackles and Turnbuckles: can be used down to a temperature of -60 ⁰C (-76 ⁰F). 

Check out the complete Green Pin® product range to find more products to suit your needs here.

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