Project logistics

The world of project logistics is a world of extremes. Extreme weights. Extreme sizes. Extreme deadlines. Green Pin® is happy to help Project Logistics companies to push the envelope. Our complete range of shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope clips and loadbinders has load capacities suitable for the most extreme projects and a reputation for reliability to match.

Green Pin® heavy lifting shackles, for example, range from the basic Heavy Duty Shackles (120-1500 ton) and mid-range Sling Shackle (7-1550 ton) to the advanced Power Sling® shackle (125-1250 ton). And with an industry-leading availability of 99%, you can rest assured that the Green Pin® product you need will be there when you need it. For projects taking place under arctic weather conditions, Green Pin® offers the Polar range of shackles and turnbuckles. These can be used down to -60 ⁰C (-76 ⁰F) and thus expand the geographical scope where projects can be executed. Finally, a true step change is Green Pin Tycan® chain, made from Dyneema® fibre: up to eight times lighter than steel yet just as strong. Using Green Pin Tycan® chain means executing a project faster and with fewer rigging personnel than when using steel chain. Moreover, as Green Pin Tycan® Chain is soft to the touch, it does not damage valuable cargo or cause injuries to rigging personnel. Green Pin® Tycan® is used by some of the world’s largest heavy lift companies for projects ranging from the Middle East to the Arctic circle.

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