Armed forces

If successful logistical operations in the armed forces rely on the five P’s (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance), it is the quality of service personnel and the equipment they use that are a precondition to that success. Green Pin®’s proven reliability means it is the brand of choice for the logistical support departments of the armed forces of many countries. Green Pin®’s automated production methods result in a margin of error that is extremely low compared to competing brands that use more manual labour. Also, hot dip galvanization and a protective layer of green powder coating of Green Pin® lifting equipment assure long-term durability, even in the most inhospitable of environments.

For operations taking place under arctic weather conditions, Green Pin® offers the Polar range of shackles and turnbuckles. These can be used down to -60 ⁰C (-76 ⁰F). Green Pin Super® Shackles are made from high tensile, grade 8 steel and are a popular choice for the military. These products are known for their strength and relative lightweight compared to standard shackles. Military vehicles, planes and vessels often have specialized coatings to deflect radar or to reduce the impact from explosions. Repairing such coatings is often a time-consuming and expensive affair. Green Pin Tycan® Chain provides the solution as it has a soft touch and is up to eight times lighter than steel yet just as strong. It therefore does not damage expensive coatings and significantly reduces the risk of injuries to rigging personnel which would be the case with steel chain.

It is this range of features that has made Green Pin® hold its own in the extensive supply chains that underpin army, naval and air force operations worldwide. Check out the complete Green Pin® product range to find more products to suit your needs here.

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