Green Pin® Shortening Clutch with Double Lock EN1677-1

Grade 8 shortening clutch with double locking pin EN1677-1
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The Green Pin® Shortening Clutch with Double Lock EN1677-1 is a grade 8 shortening clutch with double locking pin according to European standard for components for sling EN 1677-1. The shortening clutch is an essential part of chain slings, used to shorten the length of the chain leg and prevents instability of the load. The clutch compared to the shortening hook makes a straight pull possible. This clutch is a removeable clutch which can be added occasionally to the chain leg and then be removed fast to get back the initial length. This shortening clutch is available with a double locking system, designed to prevent accidental disengagement of the chain. The Green Pin® Shortening Clutch with Double Lock EN1677-1 is available in a range to suit 6 mm, 8 mm and 13 mm grade 8 chain.

Product details
  • Productcode
  • Material
    alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered
  • Safety factor
    MBL equals 4 x WLL
  • Finish
    painted white
  • Temp. range
    -40°C up to +200°C
  • Certification
    • 2.1
    • 2.2
    • 3.1
    • MPIb
    • CE
Technical specifications in
To download a CAD drawing, click on a product capacity below
Article code
working load limit (ton)
working load limit (ton)
for chain diameter (inch)
for chain diameter (mm)
length (inch) A
length (mm) A
width inside (inch) B
width inside (mm) B
length (inch) C
length (mm) C
width outside (inch) D
width outside (mm) D
width (inch) E
width (mm) E
diameter pin (inch) F
diameter pin (mm) F
Nett weight KG
Nett weight LBS
GPGDV6 1,12 6 99 23 120 42 7 7 0.49
GPGDV6 1,12 7/32 3 29/32 29/32 4 23/32 1 21/32 9/32 9/32 1.07
GPGDV8 2 8 112 30 140 50 9 8 0.77
GPGDV8 2 5/16 4 13/32 1 3/16 5 1/2 1 31/32 11/32 5/16 1.69
GPGDV13 5,4 13 178 49 208 79 15 16 2.85
GPGDV13 5,4 1/2 7 1 15/16 8 3/16 3 1/8 19/32 5/8 6.28

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the DGUV Type Approval of GDV?

DGUV Type Approval
Van Beest puts great emphasis on the quality of products. Recently, we have renewed our DGUV Type Approvals for many of our products. This allows us to H-stamp the components with our unique H number (H94).

DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung / German Social Accident Insurance) is the umbrella association of the accident insurance institutions for the industrial and public sectors, a leading certification association in Europe.

The test procedure includes verification of materials, verification of the dimensions on individual samples, tensile tests, fatigue tests and some specific tests such as a bending test, a latch lock test and a latch strength test. The results are compared to the specifications mentioned in the EN 1677 norm. With this comprehensive testing procedure and certification of both chain and components, Van Beest supplies the highest quality products that contribute to a safe working environment.

The re-certification has been postponed, as soon as the certification has taken place the document will be updated to the latest version. Click here to download the certificate.

How should I use a Green Pin® Double chain shortening clutch (U)GDV?

Please find the user manual here.

Where can I find the Working Load Limit table?

You can find the Working Load Limit tables for Chain Fittings here:

Is it allowed to weld on Green Pin® lifting equipment?

No! Green Pin® products are treated with well designed heat treatment, which results in a certain Minimum Break Load and other specific mechanical properties. These properties will be destroyed by the heat of welding. It even can initiate extreme hard spots and initial cracks, that will decrease the strength and fatigue life dramatically. An exception is made for Green Pin® GH and PAS products, as these need to be welded to a surface to function. For these items, please follow the instructions that are available at Green Pin® sales.

FAQ-Reference PI-07-02.

What do the abbreviations in Green Pin® product names stand for?

BN = Bolt & Nut, or safety bolt
CL = Clevis
CP = Cotter Pin
D = D-Handle
E = Eye
EE = Eye-Eye
EJ = Eye-Jaw
EH = Eye-Hook
F = F-Handle
FN = Fixed Nut
FP = Flush Pin
GR10 = Grade 10
GR5 = Grade 5
GR8 = Grade 8
HH = Hook-Hook
HK = Hook
H-type = Horizontal
JJ = Jaw-Jaw
ROV = Remotely Operated Vehicle
S = Shackle
S/S = Stainless Steel
SC = Screw Collar, or Screw Pin
SCL = Swivel Clevis
SE = Swivel Eye
SQ = Square headed Screw Pin
U-type = Universal (Horizontal and Vertical)
V-type = Vertical