Green Pin® ROV Hook E GR8

Release ROV eye hook (grade 8)
  • Easy operation of latch with ROV arm due to attached wire
  • White coating optimizes visibility under water
  • No protruding parts so does not get caught
  • Can easily be used with standard Green Pin® connectors
  • Superior stock availability of 99%

The Green Pin® ROV Hook E is a grade 8 eye hook developed for release sub-sea operations with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Attached to the body and latch of the hook is a wire rope which can be grabbed with an ROV arm. This enables the ROV operator to easily manipulate the latch and thereby to swiftly open and close the hook. The shape and dimensions of the hook are similar to the Green Pin® Sling Hook, which means that all standard Green Pin® connectors can be used to connect to the lifting chain or -wire. The design of the hook and the smooth powder coated finish reduces wear on lifting slings. The ROV eye hook is also equipped with a forged safety latch, which is fitted with a stainless steel spring and a sturdy pin. The notch in the tip of the hook keeps the latch in place, which guarantees full safety . What's more, the white coating of the Green Pin® ROV Eye Hook optimizes visibility under water and ensures its long-term durability. The ROV hook is available in a range with a working load limit from 8.2 up to 15.5 tons.

Product details
  • Productcode
  • Material
    alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered
  • Safety factor
    MBL equals 4 x WLL
  • Finish
    painted white
  • Temp. range
    -40°C up to +200°C
  • Certification
    • 2.1
    • 2.2
    • 3.1
    • MPIb
Technical specifications in
Pdf Article code working load limit (ton)
working load limit (ton)
length (mm)
length (inch)
diameter eye inside (mm)
diameter eye inside (inch)
opening hook (mm)
opening hook (inch)
thickness (inch)
thickness (mm)
width (mm)
width (inch)
diameter eye outside (inch)
diameter eye outside (mm)
width outside (inch)
width outside (mm)
length outside (inch)
length outside (mm)
width (inch)
width (mm)
thickness (inch)
thickness (mm)
Net weight (KG) Net weight (LBS)
GPCSO082ROV 8,2 190 52 44 40 44 94 165 255 21 16 3.47
GPCSO082ROV 8,2 7 15/32 2 1/16 1 23/32 1 9/16 1 23/32 3 11/16 6 1/2 10 1/32 13/16 5/8 7.65
GPCSO128ROV 12,8 237 60 61 49 62 115 208 327 28 21 7.14
GPCSO128ROV 12,8 9 11/32 2 3/8 2 13/32 1 15/16 2 7/16 4 17/32 8 3/16 12 7/8 1 3/32 13/16 15.8
GPCSO155ROV 15,5 280 72 75 54 65 132 242 375 30 23 10.2
GPCSO155ROV 15,5 11 1/32 2 27/32 2 15/16 2 1/8 2 9/16 5 3/16 9 17/32 14 3/4 1 3/16 29/32 22.5

Product video

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed to weld on Green Pin® lifting equipment?

No! Green Pin® products are treated with well designed heat treatment, which results in a certain Minimum Break Load and other specific mechanical properties. These properties will be destroyed by the heat of welding. It even can initiate extreme hard spots and initial cracks, that will decrease the strength and fatigue life dramatically. An exception is made for Green Pin® GH and PAS products, as these need to be welded to a surface to function. For these items, please follow the instructions that are available at Green Pin® sales.

FAQ-Reference PI-07-02 Rev. B

Where can I find CAD drawings of Green Pin® products?

If you go to the product pages of individual products on this website, you can download the CAD-drawing (3D) of that product:

  • On the product page, go to the table with dimensions
  • Select the productsize that you are interested in
  • A Download button will appear

If no Download button appears, no CAD-drawing for this product is available.


What do the abbreviations in Green Pin® product names stand for?

BN = Bolt & Nut, or safety bolt
CL = Clevis
CP = Cotter Pin
D = D-Handle
E = Eye
EE = Eye-Eye
EJ = Eye-Jaw
EH = Eye-Hook
F = F-Handle
FN = Fixed Nut
FP = Flush Pin
GR10 = Grade 10
GR5 = Grade 5
GR8 = Grade 8
HH = Hook-Hook
HK = Hook
H-type = Horizontal
JJ = Jaw-Jaw
ROV = Remotely Operated Vehicle
S = Shackle
S/S = Stainless Steel
SC = Screw Collar, or Screw Pin
SCL = Swivel Clevis
SE = Swivel Eye
SQ = Square headed Screw Pin
U-type = Universal (Horizontal and Vertical)
V-type = Vertical