Green Pin® D-handle

Accessory for Green Pin® ROV Shackle
  • Handle for Green Pin® Tapered Pin ROV Shackle or Guided Pin ROV Shackle
  • Easy assembly
  • Orange coating optimizes visibility under water

The Green Pin® D-handle is an easy to assemble accessory for the Green Pin® Tapered Pin ROV Shackle or the Green Pin® Guided Pin ROV Shackle. The orange coating of the handle optimizes visibility under water.

Product details
  • Productcode
  • Material
    cast steel
  • Finish
    painted orange
  • Certification
    • 2.1
Technical specifications in
Article code
diameter (inch) A
diameter (MM) A
width (inch) B
width (MM) B
length (inch) C
length (MM) C
width (MM) D
length inside (inch) E
length inside (MM) E
thickness (inch) F
thickness (MM) F
diameter (MM) G
diameter (MM) H
diameter (MM) I
Nett weight KG
Nett weight LBS
ROVDHANDLE 19 153 215 115 110 10 70 48 8,5 1,72
ROVDHANDLE 3/4 6 1/32 8 15/32 4 11/32 13/32 3,793

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed to weld on Green Pin® lifting equipment?

No! Green Pin® products are treated with well designed heat treatment, which results in a certain Minimum Break Load and other specific mechanical properties. These properties will be destroyed by the heat of welding. It even can initiate extreme hard spots and initial cracks, that will decrease the strength and fatigue life dramatically. An exception is made for Green Pin® GH and PAS products, as these need to be welded to a surface to function. For these items, please follow the instructions that are available at Green Pin® sales.

FAQ-Reference PI-07-02.

What do the abbreviations in Green Pin® product names stand for?

BN = Bolt & Nut, or safety bolt
CL = Clevis
CP = Cotter Pin
D = D-Handle
E = Eye
EE = Eye-Eye
EJ = Eye-Jaw
EH = Eye-Hook
F = F-Handle
FN = Fixed Nut
FP = Flush Pin
GR10 = Grade 10
GR5 = Grade 5
GR8 = Grade 8
HH = Hook-Hook
HK = Hook
H-type = Horizontal
JJ = Jaw-Jaw
ROV = Remotely Operated Vehicle
S = Shackle
S/S = Stainless Steel
SC = Screw Collar, or Screw Pin
SCL = Swivel Clevis
SE = Swivel Eye
SQ = Square headed Screw Pin
U-type = Universal (Horizontal and Vertical)
V-type = Vertical