Green Pin Tycan® Ratchet Loadbinder GR10

Grade 10 ratchet type loadbinder without hooks according to EN 12195-3
  • Specially designed for Green Pin Tycan®
  • Takeup length optimized for Green Pin Tycan® Chain
  • Ratchet allows for precise setting of lashing length and tension
  • Safety prevents unintentional unscrewing of hooks
  • Superior stock availability of 99%

The Green Pin Tycan® Ratchet Loadbinder is a grade 10 ratchet type loadbinder for use with Green Pin Tycan® Chain. The takeup-length of the loadbinder has been designed specifically for use with Green Pin Tycan® Chain. The ratchet in this loadbinder enables the precise setting of the lashing length and tension. The Green Pin Tycan® Ratchet Loadbinder is available with a lashing capacity of 16 ton.

Product details
  • Productcode
  • Material
    drop forged steel, Grade 10
  • Safety factor
    MBL equals 2 x Lashing Capacity
  • Finish
    painted blue
  • Certification
    • 2.1
    • 2.2
  • Standard
    EN 12195-3
  • Note
    Stf = 3000 daN
Technical specifications in
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Article code
fibre chain size (inch)
fibre chain size ()
lashing capacity (ton)
lashing capacity (ton)
proof load (ton)
proof load (ton)
minimum breaking load (ton)
minimum breaking load (ton)
take up (inch)
take-up (mm)
length handle (mm) A
length handle (inch) A
diameter (inch) B
diameter (mm) B
thickness (inch) C
thickness (mm) C
length barrel (inch) D
length barrel (mm) D
length open position (inch) E
length open position (mm) E
length closed position (inch) F
length closed position (mm) F
diameter eye inside (inch) G
diameter eye inside (mm) G
diameter eye outside (inch) H
diameter eye outside (mm) H
Nett weight KG
Nett weight LBS
LCRR25ZHENT 15X25MM 13X30MM 16 20 32 300 387 65 15 410 858 558 30 64 5.17
LCRR25ZHENT 19/32 X 1 AND 1/2 X 1 3/16 16 20 32 11 13/16 15 1/4 2 9/16 19/32 16 5/32 33 25/32 21 31/32 1 3/16 2 16/32 11.4

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Frequently Asked Questions

What components do the Green Pin Tycan® Lashing and Lifting systems consist of?

Please see this document.

Is it allowed to weld on Green Pin® lifting equipment?

No! Green Pin® products are treated with well designed heat treatment, which results in a certain Minimum Break Load and other specific mechanical properties. These properties will be destroyed by the heat of welding. It even can initiate extreme hard spots and initial cracks, that will decrease the strength and fatigue life dramatically. An exception is made for Green Pin® GH and PAS products, as these need to be welded to a surface to function. For these items, please follow the instructions that are available at Green Pin® sales.

FAQ-Reference PI-07-02.