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Now available from USA stock: Socket Lock Socketing Resin

Introducing Socket Lock Socketing Resin, the new wire rope socketing solution brought to you by Green Pin®'s parent company, Royal Van Beest. Formulated with polyester fibres, this socketing resin boasts strength and toughness.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, Socket Lock comes in environmentally protected pouches to ensure product freshness. The rust-free plastic pails serve as mixing vessels and simplify the preparation process. Each Socketing Resin pack includes a disposable pouring funnel to eliminate spills.

Socket Lock Socketing Resin flows effortlessly, aiding penetration to the bottom of the socket for enhanced performance. The bright green resin and white hardener create a distinctive colour combination. This makes mixing a breeze with easy verification. With a formulation free of dry powders, Socket Lock eliminates airborne health hazards. Its homogenous formula ensures consistent physical properties from the top to the bottom of the cone, promoting reliability and safety. Socket Lock Socketing Resin is the optimal solution for secure and reliable wire rope socketing, setting a new standard in the industry.

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