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Shackles at 300 feet?
Here is our catch.

When working at height, it needs to be done safely. Not only for the employees doing their jobs at height, but also for people and resources located directly below the workstations. After all, making mistakes is only human, and deaths and injuries due to falling objects occur frequently. Green Pin®’s main mission is to improve safety in lifting operations; dropping Green Pin® shackle parts is not an option for us! So, as pioneers in the field of safety, we are now the first to introduce a plug-and-play solution to avoid dropping shackle parts: the Green Pin® Catch shackle. Make safety the centrepiece of your rigging. Catch if you care. 

GP Catch Shackle

For a long time, the lifting industry has been looking for a solution to prevent the dropping of equipment and components from heights. Dropped objects are a well-known safety hazard in the industry and have led to numerous accidents. Green Pin® now offers a unique solution to this problem: The Green Pin® Catch shackle BN prevents the accidental dropping of shackle bolts, nuts, cotter pins and even complete shackles, thereby preventing injuries or deaths. These innovative shackles have an attachment point on each individual component to connect them to a lanyard. The Green Pin® Catch Shackle BN has been developed in cooperation with DROPS, the non-profit organization that is focused exclusively on dropped objects prevention scheme.

The Green Pin® Catch Shackle BN is suitable for both one-leg and multi-leg systems and is available in a range with a working load limit from 2 up to 9.5t. For more information, check out the product page or contact us directly.