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New: Green Pin® Sockets, flexibility and safety for steel wire rope terminations

When anchoring tubes, pipes, dredging materials, oil platforms, towing cables, bridges, roof constructions, and other heavy-duty applications, only the sturdiest, long lasting solutions will suffice. The Green Pin® socket range, made of high tensile galvanized steel, ensures long term durability, as well as flexibility and safety. Green Pin® offers three types of sockets: closed spelter sockets, open spelter sockets and open wedge sockets. Check out the product pages for more information about each product.

Whenever you need to fix an end-fitting to rope, Green Pin® gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of socket types and sizes, and you have an extended temperature range for permanent and temporary fixtures. What’s more, safety is enhanced with new markings, certification, and excellent Minimum Breaking Load performance. Whatever your requirements, there’s a solution – and all our socket products boast superior stock availability of 99%. For more information, check out the brochure or contact us directly.