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New: Green Pin® Mooring Bolt NS9415 T - What is below surface, must be above standard

When you invest time to grow your fish, you want your cage farming system to stay secure. Even under extreme marine conditions. Your underwater cages and mooring system need shackles, bolts and other mooring accessories that are below surface, but above standard. That is why the Green Pin® aquaculture shackles and bolts are the top choice for fish farmers.     

New is this range is the Green Pin® Mooring Bolt NS9415 T, which is a grade 8 mooring bolt with a T-shaped end fitting that provides best-in-class quality, guaranteeing absolute security for your mooring system.

For more information about the Green Pin® Mooring Bolt NS9415 T, check out the product page or contact us directly.

Mooring Bolt T - Close up