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New: The Green Pin® Jaw-Eye Swivel With Safety Bolt!

When it comes to rigging applications involving steel chains or wire ropes, Green Pin® is your reliable source of high-quality swivels. The extensive Green Pin® swivel range is designed to meet the demands of various industries, including construction, subsea, aquaculture, and general lifting. Swivels play a crucial role in preventing the effects of rigging-induced spinning. When you encounter an object that lacks rotational capability, Green Pin® swivels step in to enable smooth rotation and precise load positioning.

The Green Pin® JE Swivel BN has recently been added to the Green Pin® swivel range. This innovative swivel features jaw-eye end-fittings and a safety bolt, offering improved safety measures while allowing controlled rotation for positioning the load. The swivel is made from high tensile steel and can be used under water. Galvanization of this jaw-eye swivel ensures its long-term durability. It is available in a range with a working load limit from 0.6 t up to 5.7 t. View the new swivel here!

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