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NEW: Green Pin® Heavy Duty Master Link

We are proud to introduce the Green Pin® Heavy Duty Master link! This grade 8 master link is suitable for heavy duty applications. By using a unique innovative production method, the master links are fully forged as a single piece, without any welding whatsoever. As a result, the master links meet the most stringent safety- and performance requirements and will keep working reliably in even the harshest environments.

The master links are painted silver with a green mark indicating a maximum lifting angle of 120 degrees, making it easy for riggers to spot potentially unsafe operations. The exceptionally smooth surface reduces wear on counter components such as slings and shackles. To rule out cracks, each Master link is submitted to several non-destructive tests before shipping.

The consistent Charpy-V Value of at least 42 Joule throughout the entire Master link makes it compliant with offshore certification requirements. All products are available from stock and ready for fast delivery. The master links are available in a range with a working load limit from 131t to 400t. Click here for more information or download the brochure or the product update.