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Excel® integration with Green Pin®

Last year, Van Beest announced that the Excel® brand would merge into Green Pin® in order to create one big premium brand for all below-the-hook fittings. Today, we are happy to announce the following:

  • The first production batches with products with the new Green Pin® markings from our production facility in France are now in stock. This is the start of a transition period that will take a few years.
  • The color of Grade 8 former Excel® products will change to white under the Green Pin® brand. These products were previously yellow or red. Grade 10 products will remain blue; the same as before. The color white for the Grade 8 Green Pin® chain fittings was chosen because it is a unique color and is in many situations a highly visible color.

As a result of the brand change, the product names and article codes change as well. Please click here for a full list of the old and new product names of our current product range, plus an explanation of the abbreviations used. During the transition period, all Excel® branded items will keep their current names until our stock has been completely replaced by new, Green Pin® branded versions. In addition to new product names, we will also be giving ‘new’ Green Pin® chain accessories new article codes.