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Check out the new Green Pin® Product Catalogue!

The latest Green Pin® product catalogue in English (metric) is now available, and it comes with exciting updates! Here is what you can look forward to in our newest edition:

✅ New products including the aquaculture range, ROV hooks and the ROV locking clamp sling shackle, T-handle, Monkey fist, long wedge sockets, Socket Lock resin, swivel with safety bolt, and the Catch shackle.
✅ A user-friendly chapter layout that indicates applications to make it effortless to find the perfect products for your needs. Look out for specialized chapters such as ROV, aquaculture, lashing and lifting sling fittings with subcategories for wire rope, grade 8 chain, grade 10 chain, Green Pin Tycan® chain, and synthetic slings.
✅ QR codes are provided throughout the catalogue, allowing you to access additional product information and resources easily.

To receive a copy of the new Green Pin® product catalogue, simply include the specified code ‘CATEN’ for the A4 format or ‘CATENPE’ for the A6 pocket edition, along with the quantities needed, when placing your usual order via

If you would like to receive a copy on your desk, please fill in this form.

The digital version of the product catalogue is also available for download here.