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If ever durable products were required, it is probably most visible in the fishing and aquaculture industries. Equipment is constantly exposed to water, salt and changing temperatures. Moreover, for aquaculture, cages need to be secured under water reliably for longer periods of time to safeguard large investments. Green Pin®’s reputation in in this industry as a reliable brand for shackles is supported by its wide ranging use and the availability of a variety of certifications. Galvanization of Green Pin® lifting accessories assures long-term durability, even under harsh, salty conditions. Products in our fishing and aquaculture line-up include:

  • The Green Pin® screw pin shackle for aquaculture features a double safety (bolt and plug). It has been designed, tested and DNV type approved in accordance with the NS 9415-standard as required by NYTEK-regulation. With an industry-leading safety factor of 7 x WLL , a fatigue-rating of over 40.000 cycles (twice the minimum requirement) and the shackle’s hot dip galvanization, you can rest assured that your cage farming system is secure, even under extreme marine conditions. Check out all technical details, including the CAD-drawing, here.
  • The Green Pin® Mooring T Bolt provides best-in-class quality, guaranteeing absolute security for your mooring system. The mooring bolt’s hot dipped galvanization ensures long-term durability as required by the NS 9415 standard. The mounting depth is indicated by the green colour, which makes the installation of the product much easier and the special type of thread will result in a better fixation of the bolt.
  • The Green Pin® Fishing Bow Shackle with Flush Pin (also available as Dee Shackle), for example, has a pin-head with a sunken hole so that nets do not get caught in any protruding parts of a shackle.
  • Green Pin Tycan® is the perfect replacement for heavy, dangerous steel chain used in commercial fishing and aquaculture. It is up to eight times lighter than steel chain, very easy to use and has a specific gravity of less than 1, which means it floats. Green Pin Tycan® is currently used in fishing and aquaculture operations in North and South America.

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