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Green Pin sluitingen in combinatie met rondstroppen Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle
Van Beest introduces the Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle
Shackles combined with Round slings Green Pin® Shackles combined with Round slings
Van Beest has tested combinations of Green Pin® shackles with several types of round slings.
Blocks Blocks
Van Beest offers three types of blocks from stock.
In this brochure you will find answers to most questions one can ask about blocks.
Green Pin® Wide Mouth Shackles Green Pin® Wide Mouth Shackles
In this brochure we would like to introduce a new item to our range: Green Pin® Wide Mouth shackles: WLL 4.75 up to and including 75 t.
These shackles can be used in applications where the hole for the pin is quite small, and the body must be placed over a wide object. The unique combination of a relatively small pin diameter combined with a large opening makes Green Pin® Wide Mouth shackles the ideal product for such circumstances.
Green Pin® ROV Shackles Green Pin® ROV Shackles
Van Beest has developed a range of Green Pin® ROV Release shackles that have some unique characteristics. Van Beest offers three different types: Green Pin® ROV Release Polar Shackle with spring pins, Green Pin® ROV Release Polar Shackle with locking clamp and the Green Pin® ROV Spring Release Polar Shackle.
Green Pin® Sockets Green Pin® Sockets
Van Beest offers three types of Green Pin® sockets: Open Spelter sockets, Closed Spelter sockets and Open Wedge sockets.
Green Pin® Standard Shackles Green Pin® Standard Shackles
Van Beest offers a complete range of high quality Green Pin® standard shackles. These shackles can be recognized by the green painted bolt and our manufacturer's symbol which is stamped into the products.
Green Pin® shackles are made in our production facility in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands.
 Fishing catalogue
Fishing catalogue
Van Beest has added new items to the Green Pin® Fishing program.
 Green Pin® Polar Shackles
Green Pin® Polar Shackles
Changes to our range of Green Pin® Polar shackles have resulted in an improved performance. In order to verify material specifications the shackles have been load tested at extreme low temperatures. The outcome of the tests has proven that we can now guarantee performance till -40 degrees Celsius. At the same time the Green Pin® Polar Shackles are DNV type approved to certification note 2.7-1, lifting sets for off shore containers. In order to distinguish the Green Pin® Polar shackles from regular Green Pin® shackles the new model can be recognized by the Green painted shackle “eyes”.
 Green Pin® Super Shackles
Green Pin® Super Shackles
Changes to our Green Pin® Super Shackles have resulted in improved performance. We have upgraded the Working Load Limit of four sizes of shackles as follows: from 50 to 55, 80 to 85, 110 to 120 and 140 to 150 tons. In order to distinguish the Green Pin® Super shackles from the standard Green Pin shackles the new model can be recognized by the Green painted shackle ‘Crown’. Compared to standard Green Pin® shackles they have a WLL up to 50% higher than Green Pin® Standard shackles with comparable physical weight and dimensions. These shackles are specially designed for applications where shackle weight and/or size are critical.
 Green Pin® Loadbinders
Green Pin® Loadbinders
The Ratchet type loadbinders in accordance with the EN Norm 12195-3 can be supplied to fit chain sizes: 8, 10, 13 and 16mm. The marking is in English and German. The loadbinders are supplied with a red painted finish.